Saturday 22 June 2013

Pounded yellow plantain

This dish is from my childhood. When well made it feel like a blanket on the tongue. I just love this dish.

Its nutritional value isn’t bad either. Check this out; the plantain contains vitamin B6, Vitamin A and C. The kidney beans protect against heart diseases, and a great source of protein. As for the palm oil it contains vitamin E, beta carotene, co-enzyme Q10 … According to a Portuguese explorer palm oil smells like violets, tastes like olives, has a colour of food blended saffron”. It is not be used by amateurs.
To make this delicious but simple dish you will need:
2 ripe but firm big yellow plantains
1 tin of kidney beans
50ml of palm oil
Salt and 1 dried chilli pepper

Start by boiling the plantains in their skin for 25-30 mins until the skin splits.
In the meantime open the tin of beans rinse them before warming them up in boiling water for 5 minutes. Then, drain again. Set aside.
Remove the plantain from the boil, rinse, peel and place in a salad bowl then mash as you would potatoes.
Once the plantain has been mashed to preference, add the drained kidney beans, salt, finely chopped chilly and oil.
Mix all very gently avoiding crushing the beans. Taste, then, adjust the salt… Serve.
I love the sweet and salty taste of this dish and also the nuttiness that comes from the palm oil.
Hope you will try it and come back to tell me about it.
Enjoy. :-)

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  1. I eat this at home and I just want to know what are the nutritional values are.