Saturday, 1 June 2013

Red Camargue rice salad

To make this beautiful colourful salad, all you need is red Camargue rice cooked salted water and rinsed (rinsing after cooking removes the starch).
Fresh broccoli florets (better picked by hand).
1 peeled carrot, cut in a very fine julienne way.
½  a red sweet pepper, chopped.
1 chopped tomato.
A hand full of Roasted peanut, crushed.
Once all it chopped sliced and crushed, mix them all in a bowl with a drop of mustard oil. If you want a bigger kick to this salad, add a finely chopped chilli pepper.
Serve as it is or with a slice of lemon for some sourness.
This is great for a work summer lunch.
Hope you’ll enjoy it. Let me know what you have added or changed.
A bientot!

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